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Parenting Secrets by a Mother of Five
November 14, 2007

When I first heard about this book, I just had to check it out for myself. Amazingly, as a parent of 4 myself, this book still had stuff for me to learn.

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If you want to have a great relationship your children, this is a great way to start. Martha Stevens wants to share years of parenting tips hard-learned with you. Avoid yelling, spanking, constant scolding and nagging. Learn how to communicate well with your child and teach them to be proper, repsonisble adults.

Instead of trying to scare your child into being what you want them to be, you learn to teach them to make good decisions for themselves. Her book gives you a great insight into how and what your child is really thinking. She also provides top-notch parenting tips and tricks that work for most any problem you may face.

With this fabulous book, you can form a greater, closer relationship with your children. You can form a relationship that will last a lifetime and help your child become a stronger, better adult.